Meet the gang at Fully Franked Finance!

Hi! I’m Frankie – a Father of Four, and a big Fan of Fully Franked dividends!  I’m Focused on investing in shares of individual companies, as I believe The Market is not eFFicient, and undervalues shares at certain times.  By understanding value, and making good decisions, I’m aiming to produce great returns – with the goal to Fund my Family’s Future, and ultimately, Financial Freedom.

I Fired up the Fully Franked Fund in January 2018, with Fifty thousand dollars.  I wanted to share my approach to investing in undervalued, Fully-Franked dividend stocks, and believe the best way is to do it real time, following a real portfolio in action.  

Here’s a bit more about me, my investment F’hilosophy, and my latest portfolio performance which I share each month – including the ongoing battle against my arch-nemesis, Indexing Ian

As you might have guessed, I’m an index focused investor.  I keep things simple with two Australian based index funds – like Frankie, I still love the Franking Credits that our Aussie companies produce!

Frankie thinks my approach to investing is BORING!  Well in my world, boring is better. Boring is beautiful. Boring is brilliant! And boring is going to beat Frankie’s Fund – in the long run. You can find out more about my investments here.

If Australian shares aren’t exciting enough for you, then you have to meet our international investing friend…

G’day!  I’m Gary, and I Go Global with my investments. There’s a big wide world of shares out there – Australia only makes up around 3% of the global equity markets! How can you find the best investments when you’re only dabbling in such a tiny pond?

It’s not like we have the best companies in the world.  Sure, we’ve had a great mining boom (thanks China!) when resources stocks were on top of the world, but that was just digging up stuff from our own back yard. We don’t have anything remotely equivalent to Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Disney or even Starbucks, just as a handful of examples. There are some amazing companies out there to invest in beyond the shores of this massive island we live on.

I’m not taking any sides with Frankie or Ian – in fact, I split my investments equally between index funds and individual stocks, which you can read more about here.

With stock-pickers like Frankie, it’s very to know if performance comes from skill or pure luck.  So Indexing Ian has introduced a new friend to help test this – Benny the Blindfolded Monkey!

Benny knows absolutely nothing about investing – he’s just a monkey after all.  But despite that, he’s very excited to be picking some stocks for his fund – ‘Benny’s Bunch’.

Benny is relying on you, the reader, to pick some random numbers, which will correspond to stocks that make it into his portfolio.  Read more about it here where Ian introduces Benny.

Will Benny’s Bunch Beat Frankie’s Fund? 


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