Meet Frankie – a Forty year old Father of Four.

His wife left the workforce some time ago to look after the Family and run the household – one of the most demanding jobs in the world!

Frankie’s very lucky to own a home in this Australian housing market. And even luckier that his home has been increasing in value.

Financially, he’s in reasonable shape. He saves a portion of his income each month (on top of the 9.5% that goes to his super fund), and isn’t big into luxuries or extravagant purchases.  He has a great job that he enjoys, as stable as can be expected, good skills and a good work ethic – although prefers to Focus on his potential outside of the job.

Frankie Feels Fortunate.

He doesn’t stress too much about the future, and has few regrets. He just tries to remain focused on what’s around him right now. Take things day to day.

But like any person with responsibilities, he likes to have a rough Financial plan for the Future. Retirement shouldn’t be a problem, but he wants to make sure he can Fund his kids education, some great Family holidays, and maybe even help the kids one day with a deposit on their own home. After all, this expensive property market is almost impossible for young people to break into!

Fortunately, Frankie has had plenty of experience with investing and managing his money, and has a pretty clear plan for Funding his Family’s Future …

Frankie’s Focus – Shares

Frank’s investment vehicle of choice is shares, or stocks.

Most people he knows are focused instead on investment properties, as the Australian property has had a Fantastic run over the past 20 years or so. Property can be leveraged significantly, and ‘negative gearing’ provides some useful tax breaks.

But Frankie has decided it’s not for him. He has enough wealth tied up in his own property, and doesn’t particularly like the thought of being so exposed to a couple of individual properties. Not to mention the ridiculously high prices for property in this country, especially in his home city, and the associated low yields. And on top of that, the debt he’d need to service to afford one of these expensive properties makes him uncomfortable.

And Finally, there’s the hassle of managing the properties! He prefers to keep life simple, and wouldn’t want to pay away some of the potential returns on a property manager.

He’s considered other asset classes, and even dabbled in a Few such as commodities and options trading, but doesn’t have any real interest or competitive advantage in these asset classes, and is a big believer in playing to your strengths. Besides, no asset class has proven to be as successful over the long-run as his Favourite investment class – shares.

Frankie’s Favourite Shares pay Fully Franked Dividends!

Even within this single asset class of shares (or ‘stocks’), everyone has a different perspective on the ‘best’ way to invest.

Some Fcus on growth stocks, others on dividend stocks, small caps vs blue-chips, indexing vs individual stocks, global vs local – you can slice and dice the stock market 100 different ways.

But Frankie likes to keep things simple. After nearly 20 years of investing, he’s discovered that being less active has some incredibly huge benefits – and not just Financial. But he especially loves the tax benefits that fully-franked dividend stocks bring!

As a result, Frankie is a big Fan of Index Funds. However, he’s still a value investor at heart, and loves owning individual stocks that pay some big, juicy, Fully-Franked dividends – which also have the potential to grow in value.

You can read more about Frankie’s investment ‘F’hilosophy here.

Frankie’s Fund

So Feel Free to Follow along and Find out exactly how Frankie manages his Funds, or start right from the beginning here.

You can check out his portfolio and historic performance here, which includes some of his Favourite Fully Franked dividend stocks.

Now let me introduce you to the rest of the gang here at Fully Franked Finance…

Frankie’s Friends

Hi, I’m Indexing Ian, and as you might have guessed, I’m an index focused investor.  I keep things simple with two Australian based index funds – like Frankie, I still love the Franking Credits that our Aussie companies produce!

Frankie thinks my approach to investing is BORING!  Well in my world, boring is better. Boring is beautiful. Boring is brilliant! And boring is going to beat Frankie’s Fund – in the long run. You can find out more about my investments here.

If Australian shares aren’t exciting enough for you, then you have to meet our international investing friend…

G’day!  I’m Gary, and I Go Global with my investments. There’s a big wide world of shares out there – Australia only makes up around 3% of the global equity markets! How can you find the best investments when you’re only dabbling in such a tiny pond?

It’s not like we have the best companies in the world.  Sure, we’ve had a great mining boom (thanks China!) when resources stocks were on top of the world, but that was just digging up stuff from our own back yard. We don’t have anything remotely equivalent to Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Disney or even Starbucks, just as a handful of examples. There are some amazing companies out there to invest in beyond the shores of this massive island we live on.

I’m not taking any sides with Frankie or Ian – in fact, I split my investments equally between index funds and individual stocks, which you can read more about here.

With stock-pickers like Frankie, it’s very to know if performance comes from skill or pure luck.  So Indexing Ian has introduced a new friend to help test this – Benny the Blindfolded Monkey!

Benny knows absolutely nothing about investing – he’s just a monkey after all.  But despite that, he’s very excited to be picking some stocks for his fund – ‘Benny’s Bunch’.

Benny is relying on you, the reader, to pick some random numbers, which will correspond to stocks that make it into his portfolio.  Read more about it here where Ian introduces Benny.

Will Benny’s Bunch Beat Frankie’s Fund? 


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