Don’t Waste All Your Precious Potential On Your Job

So Far the Focus has been on those Fully Franked dividend investments in Frankie’s Fund. But all this is meaningless without the universal context that underlies everything we all do – LIFE.

For most of us in this day and age, the journey of life follows a broadly similar path:

As a Child – the Potential of life is boundless

The world is truly a wonder. We are constantly amazed by what is around us, the new things we are always learning about.

We can be and do anything we can dream of. The movies we watch are not fantasies – they are real. You can be that girl that restores the Island of Motonui to its lush, green glory, saving her people. That boy whose joy of music can’t be contained, despite his family fighting against him. That girl with the magic of ice flowing through her. That… fish who finds his family? Sure, even that!

The potential of life is boundless.