Frankie’s Investment ‘F’hilosophy

So far I’ve introduced you to the First Few Fully-Franked Dividend Shares in the Fund, and hopefully through those posts on Virtus Health, Telstra and Prime Financial Group, you’re getting a Flavour for the way I invest. But it’s probably worth taking a quick time out to highlight my ‘F’hilosophy of investing a little Further.

Let’s start with a Few key points:…

Fully-Franked Fund Investment #3: Prime Financial Group (PFG)

Our next investment definitely won’t make the ‘Top 10 sexiest companies of 2018’ – accounting and wealth management firm Prime Financial Group.

Prime started life on the ASX around 20 years ago, and has growth through investing in lots of other little accounting firms across the country. As a result it offers integrated accounting, business advisory, wealth management and capital services, focusing on providing highly personalised advice whilst being able to draw on its network of firms to offer broader finance advice and services.

It’s tiny by ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) listed company standards, with a market capitalisation of only $29 million. But that’s not such a bad thing – it’s been ticking along under the radar the past few years without much excitement, and after a little burst towards the end of 2017, it’s dropped back down to a share price of $0.155 today. This follows some recent issues with its auditors, which I’ll talk more about at a later date.

I’m buying around 30,000 shares in this little business, for an initial investment of $4,650. Let me explain why….…

Fully-Franked Fund Investment #2: Telstra (TLS)

Telstra, the big Australian Telecom, and one of the great dividend stalwards of the ASX over the past 10 year. A dividend that was seen as reliable as the sun rising in the morning – until recently…

Poor Telstra shareholders have been suffering over the past few years. The share price was up around $6.50 around 2 ½ years ago, and has been sliding all the way down to around $3.50 in recent times.

It’s not screamingly cheap at the moment, but at this price it definitely deserves a place in a Fully-Franked dividend Fund. I’d love to buy a few more shares at a cheaper price, so I’m starting with a smaller allocation of around 1,000 shares. At a price of $3.61 (closing price 17 January), this is a total cost of $3,610.

Fully-Franked Fund Investment #1: Virtus Health (VRT)

The honour of the First Fully Franked Investment in Frankie’s Fund goes to Virtus Health (VRT), with an investment of around $7,000.

Yesterday its shares closed as a price of $5.12 (11 January 2018). Virtus listed on the ASX around 4 ½ years ago, and only for very brief periods during that time has the price ever been this low.

I’ve bought 1,375 shares based on this price for a total cost of $7,040.

Now, price is one thing, but what we really care about is Value! We’ll take a quick look at a few key figures, including value, but first, some very brief background……

Firing Up Frankie’s Fully-Franked Fund!

Frankie’s First post – so let’s dive straight in to the good stuff – Frankie’s investments in the Fully-Franked Fund!

Before we start, you might be wondering – who’s this ‘Frankie’ guy? You can real a little more about me here, but the relevant Facts when it comes to Finance are that I’ve been investing in shares for the past 20 years, worked in the Finance industry for almost as long, and have learnt much along the way – from both the good and bad times. You’ll hear more about some of the lessons I’ve learnt in due course.

But the best way for me to share my approach to investing in undervalued, Fully-Franked dividend stocks, is to do it real time.

So for Full transparency, I’ll be starting today, with Fifty thousand dollars. These Funds will be allocated to my Favourite Fully-Franked investments over the next Few weeks.

But before we dive in to where I’m putting these Funds, let me briefly touch on where I’m not investing this money……