Benny’s Bunch – Your 10 Randomly Selected Stocks

Thanks to everyone who helped with the selection of random numbers for Benny’s Bunch – now we can find out which stocks you’ve chosen for Benny!

First, for transparency, let me explain how the full list of companies was created:

  • Starting with all companies within the ASX 300 as at 1 November 2018 (297 companies in total)
  • Companies ranked in reverse alphabetical order (Z’s at the top, A’s at the bottom)
  • Companies beginning with the letters B (Benny), F (Frankie), I (Ian) and G (Gary) were pulled out and moved to the top of the list, in that order (this shuffling was done to give an extra layer of randomness to your number selections).

I haven’t shared the complete list here, so that we can continue to use it for future stock picks for Benny’s Bunch, but you can replicate the list pretty easily and compare the numbers below if you’re really keen.

But much more interesting is to see which stocks your random numbers have selected – and here they are!

* Note 299 was actually selected by Tom, but as there were only 297 companies (not 300 as I expected!) I’ve taken the 2nd last company on the list

Ian Introduces… Benny the Blindfolded Monkey!

The last time Frankie gave me the Floor here at Fully Franked Finance (over 4 months ago can you believe it!), I poked a little fun at Frankie for trying to find some ‘Needles in my Stock-Stack’. I effectively own a little piece of 400+ stocks, but Frankie is trying to pick a handful of those that will do better than the index using his ‘value based’ investing approach.

And yes, he came out slightly ahead of me for 2018 – although Global Gary outgunned us all in the end.

However, it’s way, way too early to make any calls on how successful Frankie’s approach is – we might need to wait 5 or 10 years or so to judge that.  In the meantime, one of the big challenges is understanding the role that pure luck plays in his specific stock selections and Fund performance, compared to his investment abilities.

So as my own little experiment to test this, I’m introducing a new Friend to Fully Franked Finance – Benny the Blindfolded* Monkey!

Global Gary’s 2018 Performance – Gary OutGuns the Gang at Fully Franked Finance!

Hi everyone!  Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas break and have started off the new year well!  As for me – I’m still recovering from my gluttonous gobbling of Christmas goodies – but the one thing that’s sitting well with me so far are the 3 stocks I gobbled up on Christmas Eve.

Since being introduced to the Fully Franked Finance gang back in April, I’ve been keeping a relatively low profile around here.  I’ve popped up occasionally to share my Global investment ideas and purchases, but have given very little detail around my Global Fund performance during the year.

So finally, here I am to share the results of my Global portfolio for 2018! 

I must admit – I haven’t paid much attention to what Frankie and Indexing Ian have been doing during the year, but I did notice Frankie came out slightly ahead at the end of 2018.  Frankie doesn’t seem so interested in competing with me however – I wonder if that’s because he’s afraid of what he might see when I share my results? Let’s find out…

Fund Performance December 2018 – Frankie Falls Over the Finish Line!

Wow, what a year! Exactly one year and one day ago, I officially Fired up the Fully Franked Fund, Followed by its First investment 13 days later.

I had my eye on 9 or 10 Fully Franked dividend shares at the time, but it’s taken me nearly a full 12 months to Finally Fill the Fund with 10 shares.

So how has the Fund Finished 2018? How did each of the 10 stocks contribute?  What insights can we take away from this year’s performance?

And most importantly – did the Fund Finish the year ahead of Indexing Ian’s Investments?

Let’s find out… starting with the overall December 2018 Fully Franked Fund performance. 

Gluttonous Gary Gobbles up some Global Stocks for Christmas

‘Tis the season for indulgence – but it’s not plum pudding or Christmas ham that I’ve been craving.  I hoped Santa would bring me a few Global stock bargains, and I’ve obviously been a Good Gary this year, because he has delivered!

And I haven’t had to look far – stocks from my previous watchlist that I passed on have become a little cheaper.  No doubt there are plenty more great businesses out there for me to get my head around, but I’m taking the most efficient (lazy) option and sticking with what I already know.

Back in my October update, I added 2 stocks – Iron Mountain (IRM) and Illinois Tool Works (ITW).  I passed on the three others I reviewed, but my appetite has grown significantly over the past two months, and the price of those three stocks have become a little tastier!

Here’s the three stocks from my previous post that I passed on, and how the share price has moved since (the green bit):

Unfortunately, offsetting this is a slightly worse AUD / USD FX rate, down from 0.72 to 0.705 – well you can’t have everything!

On Christmas Eve I was so excited for Santa to come that I just had to Gorge on these three stocks:

  • TXN – 37 shares at USD 87.80 = USD 3,249 (AUD 4,608)
  • GPC – 35 shares at USD 91.85 = USD 3,215 (AUD 4,560)
  • WRK – 90 shares at USD 35.24 = USD 3,172 (AUD 4,499)

This takes my total individual stock investments to AUD 26,747 – almost exactly the balance I initially put into VGS back in April 2018.  It will be interesting to see which half of the portfolio performs best from here!

Look out for a comparison of my Global Fund performance compared with Frankie’s Fund and Ian’s Investments for 2018!

Fund Performance Update November 2018 – A Rocket from The Reject Shop

It’s only taken three weeks, but the Fund has a new hero – Reject Shop has come to the Rescue!

A $2,000 profit and a 38.1% return is a very nice way to start indeed – thanks Raphael for giving us this boost with your (opportunistic) takeover offer.

Just imagine if we extrapolated this out for a full year – we’re looking at a 21,000% return! That’s turning the initial $5,200 Reject Shop investment to just over a million dollars!  Ah the fun of extrapolation!  I can’t quite see these shares being worth $439 each this time next year, but we can dream right?

OK back to reality – which is not all sunshine and roses.  And speaking of roses, as our old friends Guns N’ Roses foresaw, there has been some ‘Cold November Rain’* falling on stocks this month.  Who managed to take shelter, and who copped a soaking?

First, let’s look at the big picture – the overall November 2018 Fully Franked Fund performance.

Current Portfolio

Looks good on paper, but if you do the math – a $2,947 overall increase, despite adding $2,000 of cash, and $2,000 profit from the Reject Shop – someone’s been letting the team down……

Fund Investment #10: The Reject Shop – Rejected Big Time By the Market

One of the things that never fails to surprise me with investing is how a cheap stock can always get cheaper.  Even if you think it makes no sense how low the current stock price is, and that it has to go back up – it can still keep going down.

And there aren’t many better examples of this than the Market’s recent treatment of The Reject Shop.

For our regular readers, you might recall we previously looked at The Reject Shop in July in the post “Sufferin’ Stock-o-tash – 6 stocks that have been pummelled”.

If you had told me that 4 months later, the share price would have fallen a further 63%, I’d have laughed and said “impossible!” – which brings me back to my opening comment.  I still have trouble opening my mind to even worst case scenarios despite everything I’ve seen!

The Reject Shop’s share price hasn’t been this low since it first listed on the ASX 14 years ago – after which point the price soared to $14 three years later, hitting an all-time high of $18.60 in July 2010.

It’s been a heck of a wild ride since then as you can see above!

So what’s going on with the Reject Shop?  Why is the Market REJECTING this company big time?

Fund Performance Update October 2018 – Bloodbath! (or just a few scrapes…)

Well what a fun month that was!  For the first time in Fund history (which isn’t very long), every single stock was down for the month – and not just by a smidge, but an average 10%!  I’m sure Indexing Ian felt the pain too – hopefully enough to keep me ahead for the 3rd month in a row.

So let’s check the damage from the October 2018 Fully Franked Fund performance.

Current Portfolio

Gary’s Global Fund Update October 2018 – and Some Long-Awaited Additions

Wow – where the heck has the time gone!

It seems like only yesterday I put half my funds into a Global index investment (VGS), and bought my first and only individual stock in the fund so far, Disney.

But that was all the way back in April and Early May – half a year ago!

After my last three shortlist stocks ran away from me (and unfortunately continue to do so!) I’ve obviously been sitting quietly on the sidelines, keeping myself busy with other activities, all the while my cash balance keeps accumulating.

I’m itching to put some of this to work now – it’s starting to burn a hole in my pocket!

There are plenty of new ideas and purchases from all our international investment blogging friends, but before I run through my new additions, it’s worth looking back on the past 6 months to see how the Global Fund has been tracking…

Fund Performance Update September 2018 – Stayin’ Alive (and Ahead)

Man, do I have a story for you to explain my absence for another month!  You thought being kidnapped by Indexing Ian was crazy!  Well, about 4 weeks ago, I was minding my own business, when…. um…..

OK, you got me.  I have no excuse for my absence, other than my attention being fully diverted elsewhere for the past month or so.

I’ve paid very little attention to the stock market over that time, and was pleasantly surprised to see that there had been a ‘BLOOD BATH’ in the markets! (as some media articles told me at least):

With great fascination, I jumped on line to discover how the stock price slaughter was playing out, only to discover….…