Firing Up Frankie’s Fully-Franked Fund!

Frankie’s First post – so let’s dive straight in to the good stuff – Frankie’s investments in the Fully-Franked Fund!

Before we start, you might be wondering – who’s this ‘Frankie’ guy? You can real a little more about me here, but the relevant Facts when it comes to Finance are that I’ve been investing in shares for the past 20 years, worked in the Finance industry for almost as long, and have learnt much along the way – from both the good and bad times. You’ll hear more about some of the lessons I’ve learnt in due course.

But the best way for me to share my approach to investing in undervalued, Fully-Franked dividend stocks, is to do it real time.

So for Full transparency, I’ll be starting today, with Fifty thousand dollars. These Funds will be allocated to my Favourite Fully-Franked investments over the next Few weeks.

But before we dive in to where I’m putting these Funds, let me briefly touch on where I’m not investing this money…

Index Funds

So what’s wrong with Index Funds? Well… absolutely nothing. In fact, Index Funds are Fantastic!

Part of my own investment plan absolutely includes an allocation to Index Funds. You’ll meet one of my good Friends in the near Future who invests in nothing but Index Funds, where you can hear plenty more about this. And while the dividends from Australian Index Funds aren’t Fully Franked, they’re pretty close! (around 80% Franked – see here for a quick explanation of Franking).

But they don’t call me Frankie for nothing – I’m all about selecting great value shares that pay Fully-Franked dividends, so that’s what you’re going to see from me!

I also love a little competition, so we’ll see who comes out ahead in the long run. I hope you’ll follow along and keep us honest!

Now back to my investments…

The Starting Line-up

I already have my eye on 9 or 10 great, Fully-Franked dividends shares that look like Fantastic candidates, and hope to acquire some of these over the next Few weeks if prices drop low enough – the Fine balance of accepting a good price versus a bargain price!

Let’s see what happens over the next couple of weeks!


    • Frankie

      Cheers DividendGeek – luck definitely plays a part, and I’ll gladly take all the luck I can get!

    • Frankie

      Thanks Miss Balance – always interesting when you’re looking at individual stocks!

    • Frankie

      Thanks Miss Niao – there’s three stocks in the Fund so far, with a few more on the radar!

  1. Will be keeping an eye out for which other stocks you pick out. I’ve got a few on my radar at the moment. NCK is one that’s looking promising.

  2. Frankie

    NCK seems to have a decent dividend yield, but not sure if it’s cheap enough for me to have a closer look at for now. Keen to read any further thoughts you have on it and other stocks on your radar! You’ll no doubt hear about a few more of mine in the coming weeks…

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